About Tracks

Tracks differentiate the fields to which our various challenges belong. We have four tracks - AR/VR, Clean Energy, FinTech and Health Care. Based on the track finally allotted to them, teams will be able to pick their challenges.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two hot topics in the tech industry. As many have noted, AR and VR have a coolness quotient that few other tracks can offer. They have come to transform every business areas and have slowly made their way in all possible areas starting from Healthcare and restaurants to banking and e-commerce.

Clean Energy
Following the growing concerns over global warming and unprecedented climate change, clean energy is making way for itself in today’s markets. With the majority of the population recognising the need to optimise and generalise the current use of renewable energy sources, they require heavy computing support to harness and efficiently utilise the power of such sources.

FinTech or financial technology has always incubated an ecosystem for innovation in technology and application of the various advanced learning and methodologies in order to provide services that prove helpful to financial processes and to build great reliable softwares.

Health Care
A track whose importance is recognised by all, technology in health care is proving to be of undeniable benefit, with advances in treatment methods being made possible because of the increased ability to identify and treat various ailments.

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