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A thrilling tech sprint awaited by all techies, Code2Create saw an explosion of technicality. Code2Create is all about designing, building and creating; a place where graphic designers, software developers, app developers and web developers collaborate intensively on projects. It is an outburst of technology, a tech marathon – it is Code2Create. Code2Create'17 saw more than 300 participants. The judges were renowned experts in their respective fields.


Right from its inception in 2009, the ACM VIT Student Chapter has been organising and conducting succesful technical and professional development events. It hosted Compute 2013, the 6th ACM India Computing Convention from 22nd to 24th August, 2013, as well as the first All India ACM Chapters Meet on 24th August, 2013. It has credentials in web/mobile applications development and machine learning. The websites "All About VIT" and "VIT Cab Share" are some of the treasured creations of its core members. Technology is its cause and education is its objective.


Who all can register?

Any and all students from all over the country can register. We welcome you all!

What are the registration fees?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free!

What kind of hackathon is this?

This is a software hackathon. Although participants may use hardware if they wish to, they will be judged on their software implementation.

How many people can I have on my team?

You can have 2 to 4 people per team. You should either create your own team or accept invitations from other team admins.

What tracks does this hack include?

Code2Create incorporates four main areas of interest:
-Clean Energy
-Health Care

How do I choose my track?

When you register we will take your preferences for each track and allot your track on a first-come-first-served basis. You will also select a challenge from a given set.

How do I qualify for the pitching round?

There will be two inspections conducted during the hack. After the first inspection, we will put the bottom 25 teams on the red list. If these teams do not show any improvement by the second inspection, they will be eliminated. Around 35 teams will pitch their ideas.

What is the quiz about ?

The quiz is for determining the final pitching order. It is based on GK and your Googling skills.

What happens if I rank last during the quiz?

Don’t worry! We will simply ask you to pitch your idea first. We hope you are fast with powerpoint.

What all can I win?

Cash prizes and internships for first three teams, T-Shirts, certificates for participants, Digital Ocean credits, and stickers.

What if I get hungry or need internet connection?

We’ll provide you with delicious food at regular intervals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) along with beverages. Also, you will be provided with free access to our beloved internet facility, VOLSBB.

What about accommodation for externals?

We will not be providing any accomodation for external students. We expect our participants to stay at the venue for the full hack.


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